Our Stolen Future

The future prosperity or our children is becoming a blank canvas as a 150 species per day and their ecosystems forever parish. Mother earth is endangered and our paths left unchanged will lead us to extinction . As the poisoning and destruction of the biosphere is endeared at an ever increasing rate the message of the planet is becoming clear. Raging storms, natural disasters, plagues and famine ravage the earth as extinction unravels the synchronistic bond of nature, creation and existence. We must come to realize that the days of endless bounty are gone. Our disposable life styles ca be no more. We can no longer afford to rest our lives in the hands of progressing industry. We must take charge of our own destiny and become responsible for our actions. We must take on a holistic view, Envisioning and acting upon positive change or trade away the only life we know.

As humans we must come to realize that we are the creators of our own realities and as a whole the architects of human destiny. It is crucial at this point in the time wave that we fully acknowledge this understanding as to take charge of our lives and become self responsible. We must come to realize that reality is not something inflicted upon us, But instead stems from us. We must realize that we are not only the architects of human destiny but the creators of our own demise. For if we donít paint a picture of our own reality we will become a part of someone elseís reality. The problem arises when one is unaware of the reality they have become apart of. In this time there are well established and powerful controllers of the mediated reality thus dis-empowering and victimizing the populace and unconsciously into self destructive realities for corporate profit. The new age will require a new form of thinking based on the understanding that if you choose not to forge your own path, that those we empower are leading us down the path of our choice. Life. The history we are writing must continue beyond the presence into the future. We need the unity of philosophic minds to build with us new tracks for the future to ride on. New and positive highways towards a more balanced and holistic form of existence based on awareness.

By Samuel K Lockney. Home