*Breakfast With Don*


Living in this ever-changing world, the environment presents us with many challenges in order to keep ourselves and others healthy. For if people become toxic, society becomes sick. Now, if every one could begin becoming a little less toxic each day at breakfast, the world would gradually become a healthier and happier place.

So push aside your bacon, egg’s, sausage, and Captain munch, - and have -

Breakfast with Don

After a long nights sleep the digestive system just finished assimilating all of the food you ate the previous day. An empty stomach, craving for something to be put in to it, like your car when the needle is on empty. The question is - what to put in to it?, Should it be regular or premium?

In my mind, regular food is what every one else eats,- Sausages, bacon, egg and pancakes. Whereas premium food is a little more expensive if you live in the city,- Fresh organic fruits, nuts and grains. Eaten in the raw form, these substances provide necessary enzymes and bioflavonoids, for digestive health. If you work a hard day (physical labor) you really must give natural foods a try, for more energy and protection from the environment.

I will divide my meals between the 4 seasons- so Breakfast with Don in the Summer;- Chose some from each category:

  • 1. Fresh fruits- bananas, melons, berries, grapes, oranges,(eaten fresh and raw is best!) find organic produce or grow yourself (if eating dried fruit be careful of sulfur dioxide used as a preservative)
  • 2. Raw nuts and seeds: almonds, cashews, pinions, (unsalted unroasted)
  • 3. Grains; Whole wheat, barley, oats,
  • 4. Dairy product: a glass of milk, cup of yogurt,(preferably organic, containing natural enzymes,)
  • 5. Dietary supplement; Honey or bee pollen, Herbal extracts, Food grade H2O2( when I am feeling sick!) For those that take a natural supplement in the mornings.

    I will usually eat a whole melon, or 5 bananas, oranges or what ever I can get my hand on. My next portion is smaller it will either be, Nuts or seeds or cereal grains such as granola with a glass of milk and honey. I like to make what I call a morning eye opener in the place of coffee & tea. Squeeze 12 oranges, 2 grapefruit, & 3-4 lemons together. This will open your eyes better than coffee or tea!

    As far as dietary supplements go I will take food grade H2O2 (30 drops of 35%), Echinacea and goldenseal extracts(immune enhancers) in a glass of orange juice when I am feeling sick-

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