Ecological Ethics


In this section will be for Articles, Discussions and debate on ecological ethics

Updated 11-2007

Perhaps the Oasis can provide science and technology with some recomended ethical values. Some standards to go by, standards that are in the public interest. Rules must be made.

  • 1. The earth as a super-organism is a species endangered by humankind and as a whole should be place at top of the endangered species list.

    The topic of bio-synchronisity and how it relates to a balanced and complete ecosystem.

    A misjudgment of man is to view the analog flow of nature as disorganized sporadisism. When actually the super organism concept shows that all life is of one life. Each life evolving off the previous life, laying down layers of a evolutionary foundation which we call nature, life and existence. All of existence is layered up to its evolutionary point in time. Look at a seashell and how it grows layering deposits of calcium, or the human mind and how its layered with lives experience. Because life evolves from a singularity, all of existence is synchronized into a seamless web of harmony and balance. A web unbroken from its center creation point. As humans we are a living part of this process that must also remain balanced. When a imbalance takes place in the seamless web of nature, at first nature will attempt to restore the balance with a counterbalance. If this fails a unstability in the evolutionary foundation takes place, creating a week spot. For example if to many species of plant and animal life forever perish from the evolutionary construct of nature, then the once seamless web of nature will unravel. Since the foundation of this existence is made up of millions of layers of these synchronistic webs, and since human impact is responsible for the extinction multitudes of life forms, this biological existence depends on us to restore balance / ecolibrium.
    A small group of philosophic minds have joined together in an effort to protect, preserve and restore Ecolibbium. Together we created Oasis Botanical Sanctuary, a non-profit public benefit corporation Dedicated To The Restoration Of Ecolibrium.

    A very interesting site that Samuel Lockney has been putting together called the Phyto Philosophic Society is a must see, but be careful! More information will be added here regarding Ecological Ethics. Send your comments to any reasonable concepts will be published.


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