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About the Oasis Botanical Sanctuary

The Oasis Botanical Sanctuary is a newly incorporated 501( c ) 3 corporation, with the specific purpose of scientifically researching and educating the public on proper ecological development. Various projects include Community gardens, Composting projects, Re-use centers, and Botanical Sanctuaries providing a correct example of environmental development. The Oasis is dedicated to the "Restoration of Eco-Librium"

The Oasis promotes positive and peaceful solutions for environmental issues and hopes that you, as a volunteer will learn more and become a guide for those that are new.

Find out more about the Oasis Botanical Sanctuary visit the web site at;


Basic Online:The Oasis asks it’s volunteers to commit in writing,(or by online submitting) to spend 2 hours a week, for at least one year, working at their own leisure to learn more and become enlightened of the natural environment, and the vital issues that surround it.

Officer:Officers of the Executive Board are required to spend 4-6 hours a week on their asignments.

T.A.:(techinical assistence)contact us.

Online Assignments

Many assignments are possible to choose from, for instance going to the library and reading a book or article, Attending a seminar, visiting a natural place, museum, exhibition, even your participation with a similar organization will work as long as you take note of the experiences in your journal. Most any thing you do, that has something to do, with the environment, can serve as a assignment. Be sure to make a entry of a sentence or two in your journal about the assignment. Some other very good assignments include;

Reviewing the Oasis website and Earthvoice Mag. For ; bad links, misspellings, better ideas, or new articles to submit,

Link The Oasis to your page, send e-mail telling your friends about the Oasis, Remember to Keep a journal with a sentence or two for each assignment you accomplished and send it in for review every two-three months. Oasis staff will provide you with new directions and goals. This can either be e-mailed to; or by snail mail;
12393 First St.
Yucaipa, CA. 92399

Volunteer Now! write a bit about yourself, why you are interested in the environment, and let us know what talents you have, that can be utilized in the organization. Participating volunteers will not only feel the gratification of helping by knowing more about the issues but will also receive a "Certificate of Appreciation for Life" from the Oasis Botanical Sanctuary. The hardest working volunteers will receive the best positions in the organizational structure.

The Volunteer Committee is:

Kirk Lockney, Chair

Don Ownken, Sect.

Online Volunteer Application

Yes I would like to volunteer my time to making a better change for the future.

No not at this time, but keep me updated.

My e-mail address is:

The Executive Board is the business end, fund raising board. Regular meetings are held each second Sunday of each month at 12pm at the address of the corporate headquarters; 12393 First St., Yucaipa, CA.

#1. The Executive Board has six committees which handle the various tasks:

Public Relations Committee

Correspondence /Proposal Committee

Events Committee

Cyberspace Committee

Volunteer Committee

Business Venture Committee

#2. The Scientific Research and Education Board My primary interests are: (check all that apply)

Biological Sciences

Environmental Sciences Health Sciences

Nutrition Preservation

Conservation Field Interpretation

Natural Studies Geological Sciences

Marine Life Botanical Sciences

Genetic Sciences Agricultural Sciences

Educational General



#3. Development Committee: For land acquisition and project planning.

The Oasis asks it’s volunteers to spend two hours a week in contemplation of the natural environment. The Oasis needs those that are interested in the natural environment, to do their part, doing something positive and peaceful for the future of the environment. Check out the assignments for some good ideas, and let us know what you would like to do!

My name is-

I would like to become a virtual volunteer for - Year(s)

Please send information to my friends and co-workers,Name


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