Oasis Achievement & Contribution Awards

Oasis Botanical Sanctuary

presents this award to honor the outstanding achievements and contributions of the Oasis Executive Board, staff and those who have dedicated strong support towards the restoration ecolibrium.

  • Carlo Reveles

  • Dr Bruce Halstead

  • Jacquelin La Chappa

    For their outstanding efforts and achievements in bringing together and recording a musical project in support and dedication to

    Oasis Botanical Sanctuary.
  • Donald Onken,"Executive Board President, and Director"

  • Jacquelin La Chappa,Exec. Secretary,.and Director"

  • Kirk Lockney, Exec. President, and President of the "Development Committee"

  • Jacquelin La Chappa, in charge of the "Events Committee"

  • Dr. Bruce Halstead, Head of the "Advisory Board"

  • Kirk Lockney, In charge of the "Cyber Space Committee"

    For their oustanding work in advancing the Oasis goals and refining the Oasis directives.