Oasis Botanical Sanctuary
Needs your Contributions.

Our Mission.
Seeking real Property


Monetary Contributions.

Corporate ID #2063394 EIN or Tax No. 31-1639462







Oasis Botanical Sanctuary
12393 First Street
Yucaipa, CA. 92399

The Oasis Is Seeking Real Property

Volunteers Needed.

Your valuable time is important to us also, we need people that would like to help enlighten the public on important environmental issues by writing a article or editing the newsletter. Earth Voice is a collective work of volunteers. Oasis needs help to promote it's website, linking up, adding to search engines, Etc.

A new Board is being formed to handle the scientific research and educational tasks of the corporation. For more information call


Oasis Donation Wish List.

  • Computers
  • Stationary supplies.
  • copy machine.
  • Chipper /Shredder
  • Green Houses
  • Garden Equipment
  • Irrigation Supplies
  • Construction Wood.
  • Solar Panels
  • Property

Where your donations go

The Board of Directors and Executive Officers of the Oasis receive no compensation for their work and their duties are performed on a completely volunteer basis. All money donations contributed to the Oasis pay for web server and any filing fees required by law. This year these costs plus a nonprofit mailing permit and Office supplies will be added to the expenses. Future money will be deposited into the Oasis savings for nature propagation projects. The Oasis Botanical Sanctuary pays no rent or utilities.

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