Projected  Oasis  Projects Ongoing


   Local project, 1.

  Community gardens set up to utilize vacated land that has been left un-used and un-maintained for periods longer than 5 years. Land would be donated or leased without

  charge to the Oasis corporation for a tax write off and a request to the county for free water. Public donations would supply all materials such as fencing, equipment,   

  piping and compost. Community service would supply the labor directed under the Oasis. Divided plots would be rented out reasonably with in a families income range

  For growing food for themselves and the community. The goal of these projects is to eliminate the abandon and trash filled and un-maintained land to beatify the  

  community while eliminating fire hazards and unsightly views. In return giving people without property the capability to produce their own organic food in which all

  excess would be donated to the poor and unfortunate.

   Local project, 2.

  Replanting the burn areas to aid in restoring the natural environment, stabilizing the hills and mountainsides in order to prevent erosion and landslides. This in turn would

  be done by organizing a community effort involving the forestry, a horticulturist , the surrounding community and community service as well as donations of trees and

  plants native to our environment. The Forestry would be involved in organizing and directing the work force as well as possible connections with obtaining the proper s

  pecies. The horticulturist  would work with the correct planting techniques, while the surrounding communities and community service would provide the work force. 

   Local project, 3

  Every spring we hold environmental festivals here at Oasis Botanical Sanctuary, we have had many groups present their presentations here, Earth save, Ralph Naiter,

  Dr Bruce W. Halstead and the Green party.  We have also collaborated events with local groups such as the Iris festival. We are planning on creating many more events

  on many topics, Eco-ethics, Self-sufficiency, Resource conservation, Free Energy, Organic Gardening and global eco-nomics. We are planning on community efforts to

  hold larger events at different locations.

   Local project, 4

  Community clean up, restoring our town to a cleaner environment. This would involve organizing with the city of Yucaipa to bring together a group plan to pick up trash

  using Community Service and the garbage company to clean up the streets and parks as well as brining together a fare ordinance to aid in personal property clean up.


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