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Many people actively search for volunteer opportunities they can complete via home or work computers, because of time constraints, personal preference, a disability or a home-based obligation that prevents them from volunteering on-site. Virtual volunteering allows anyone to contribute time and expertise to not-for-profit organizations, schools, government offices and other agencies that utilize volunteer services, without leaving his or her home or office.

The Oasis asks it's volunteers to spend two hours a week in contemplation of the natural environment. The Oasis needs those that are interested in the natural environment, to do their part, doing something positive and peaceful for the future of the environment. Check out the assignments for some good ideas, and let us know what you would like to do!

The Oasis Botanical Sanctuary wishes you will help by becoming more aware of the environmental issues around us all. Most of the assignments have been created for your learning and enlightenment, The Oasis knows that only people interested in the environment are willing to do something positive about it. This is your chance to get on the ground floor of a new environmental development corporation.

Please take the time to read the self evaluation before committing to online volunteering for the Oasis. If you have technical expertise that can help the Oasis and its vital purpose please read the section on Technical Assistance and let us know on the online volunteer application that follows.

Review the assignments

Review the Volunteer Handbook

Yes I would like to volunteer my time to making a better change for the future.

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Regular meetings are held each second Sunday of each month at 12pm at the address of the corporate headquarters, 12393 First St., Yucaipa, CA., and online in the Oasis Boardroom.

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